The Canker Spanker©
Heal and Prevent Oral Canker Sores

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Canker Sore Tips:
(A canker sore occurs on the inside of the mouth.)

  •    Rinse your mouth out with Whole Milk to ease the pain without irritating the sore.

  •    Topical canker sore remedies temporarily numb the pain, but irritate the sore so healing
    takes longer.

  •    Take The Canker Spanker once a day to prevent canker sores, twice a day for an outbreak.

Oral Cankers occur on the inside of the mouth, tongue, & throat
cankers are NOT contagious.

Cold Sores occur on the outside of the mouth, lips, and nose
cold sores  HIGHLY contagious.  

The Canker Spanker just as effective on both
Oral Cankers and Cold Sores.
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are canker sores and cold sore contagious
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are cold sores contagious
The Canker Spanker©

The Canker Spanker you've
come to trust!

The Canker Spanker is a unique
alternative to topical products for oral
cankers and cold sores. The Canker
Spanker reduces overall breakouts by
75% if taken daily and decreases
healing time by 75% if taken anytime
during a breakout.

Individual results vary.
The Canker Spanker©

Stronger, Faster, & More

The Canker Spanker reformulated to
provide faster healing when taken at
anytime during an oral canker or cold
sore breakout. The Canker Spanker
Severe can also be taken daily to aide
in prevention of canker and cold sore

Individual results vary.
heal prevent and get rid of oral canker sore mouth ulcer fast
The Canker Spanker© is a unique alternative to topical products for oral cankers and cold sores. It has been shown to reduce overall breakouts
if taken daily and decrease healing time if taken anytime during a breakout. Because The Canker Spanker© is a pill, it does not run the risk of
irritating an existing sore such as topical remedies.

Remember, if it is painful to apply a canker or cold sore remedy, (even a numbing treatment) it is irritating the sore and prolonging healing.
Numbing products are masking the pain while irritating the sore.

TCS Natural Supplements Inc., a Native American Woman Owned business out of Idaho, registered with the Shoshone Bannock Tribes, has
developed new natural treatments and preventative measures for those that suffer with mild to severe, oral cankers and cold sores.
The Canker Spanker is a natural pill that aids the body in quickly healing active oral sores and if taken daily helps prevent future canker sore
outbreaks. Carin’ for your Cold Sore is a specially formulated effective treatment for cold sores which consistently shows overnight results
which can be taken in conjunction with The Canker Spanker for enhanced results.

These new treatments have shown a consistent +75% improvement in healing time and a +75% decrease in future oral canker and cold sore

Our newest product for those who suffer with chronic oral canker sore, The Canker Spanker Severe is a stronger, faster, and more effective.

According to the Mayo Clinic 85% of the public suffer with mild to severe oral canker sores and/or cold sores. These particular sores are often
lumped into the same category, however they are vastly different conditions. Please be advised that oral canker sores occur on the inside of the
mouth and are NOT contagious, but painful, annoying, and embarrassing. Canker sores can also negatively affect eating, speaking, and oral
activity. While cold sores occur on the outside of the mouth and around the nose area. Cold sores are HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS as they are a
herpes virus. Once the herpes virus is contracted, it never goes away. However, it can be minimized with effective treatments such as Carin’ for
your Cold Sore. Take extra care in guarding a cold sore from contacting another individual as it can be easily passed not only mouth to mouth,
but also to the genitals. Thoroughly wash hands with soap after touching the cold sore and use separate cups for drinking. NEVER kiss a baby
if you have a cold sore, in the most severe cases the infant has died after contracting the herpes virus from an individual with a cold sore.

TCS Natural Supplements Inc. also carries products to boost metabolism and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

TCS Natural Supplements Inc. is continuously working on new products to improve the daily lives of our customers through the use of all
natural ingredients. Our products are NOT tested on animals.

If you are interested in carrying any of the TCS Natural Supplement products, please feel free to contact us.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us.
are canker sores contagious

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are cold sores contagious
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The Canker Spanker©
Heal and Prevent
Canker Sore, Mouth Ulcer, Singaw, Aphthous Ulcer &
also Cold Sore, Fever Blister, Herpes (HSV-1
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