**NEW** "Almost 11 months ago I began taking The Canker Spanker.  I continue to
appreciate the inventor of this product which has saved me pain from canker sores for 11
months.  I'm 67 and have suffered terribly since childhood.  Thank You!  I will continue
order for life!  :)"
Brenda - Irving, TX

**NEW** "Your product is a life saver for those of us that have dealt with canker sores
our whole life...THANK YOU!!!!"
Jason - Golden, CO

**NEW** "I love your product.  It is the ONLY thing I have found that works for my
canker sores."
Carolyn - Mechanicsville, VA

**NEW** "I love The Canker Spanker!! It has changed my life."
Tiffany - Meridian, ID

Thanks so much for this great product. I suffer with canker sores often and started getting
them as a child. I recently had one on the bottom of my tongue. They usually get at least
the size of a pencil eraser or even bigger and last for a month. Not only do they make it
painful to eat but it's also painful to talk and makes me talk stranger. I took your product
and it was gone in 3 days. This stuff is amazing!
Leigh Ann - Hickory, NC

I’ve struggled badly with cankers for the past four years. I would have as many as four at a
time all over my mouth, including the tip of my tongue. They would come every 6-8 weeks
and last from 10-12 very excruciating days. I tried everything that Canada and Pinterest
had to offer.  I remember telling my husband that I thought it was ridiculous that all I
could find I any pharmacy or drug store was three products, all topical ‘cures’. Needless to
say these did not work at all in any way...in some cases they made the cankers worse.

A friend at my church knew about the problems I was having and told me about this
product , ‘
Canker Spanker’. I was skeptical. I looked up the product online and
thought it looked good, especially since it was the first oral (pill form) treatment I had seen.
But I thought the price was inflated (especially with the exchange). This all happened
a year ago. And so I just went back to what I had been doing, suffering through.

Then this past August I had one of my worst bouts with cankers and my husband said,
‘That's enough. I'm buying you
The Canker Spanker’. It came in too late to help with
those cankers, but  two weeks ago I started getting a canker so I took the spanker and in
three days there was NO sign of it!!! ������������

I’ve had another one pop up since then and again in three days totally gone. Never
had time to grow and fester!!!

Worth every penny!!From your biggest fan.
-Emily F. - Canada

**NEW** "I have suffered with canker sores my entire life. Through the years, I've tried
every product out there but nothing helped. As I got older, I felt doomed to a life a misery
because the cankers were occurring more rapidly, lasting longer and 1 or 2 sores at a time
became 5 or 6. I couldn't talk, couldn't eat or drink, the pain was unbearable! My doctor
and dentist earnestly tried to find a solution; I even went through a study conducted by the
Salivary Dysfunction Clinic and Stomatology Research Lab at Baylor College of Dentistry
in Dallas, TX. The doctors there asked me to keep a journal of the aphthous ulcer
outbreaks, the duration, the number and size of each ulcer and my diet. I actually had
more time with sores in my mouth than time without.
I was looking online for the next 'miracle cure' when I stumbled upon, The
website. The money I've spent on remedies, what's $20.00 more? I would give
Canker Spanker a try. I ordered the severe strength. Shipping was free and fast. I was
impressed with the packaging, the little sample of Olive Ageless firming cream and
especially the hand-written note, thanking me for the order. However, I needed the
product to impress. I immediately took two and two more before bedtime. The very next
morning, I could feel a difference. The pain had lessened a little. I took two more tablets
that evening and the third day each ulcer had started to fade from bright red to pink. I
couldn't believe it - by the fourth day, the sores were healed! I began taking one tablet
daily as the directions indicated for prevention. I wish I could say I've never had another
ulcer but I can say, there are fewer outbreaks, less sores at a time and the duration has
gone from 12 to 14 days to 5 or 6.
Canker Spanker is the miracle I've been praying for my whole life! I thank God for
Canker Spanker team and I will gladly be their poster girl! This is my honest review."
-Terry O. -Mesquite TX

"As a sufferer of canker sores from Crohn's disease,
Canker Spanker makes it possible
for me to function with much fewer canker sores. If I get a canker sore, it is much less
severe. Thank you Canker Spanker!!"
- Audrey - Arlington, WA

"This is the most amazing product I have ever used.  I tell everyone about this
.  I suffered my entire life with these until 2014 when at my wits end I came
across your website and I thought, what the heck.  Since I have been taking these (severe
formula) if I get a canker I double up like you said. I told my husbands cancer doctor
about your product because some of the chemo causes cankers. Thank you for a canker
free life."
- Barbara - Boca Raton, FL

"I have been plagued for 55 years with canker sores.  Every year.   I am 66 yrs now and at
several times Last evening around 6 pm your product arrived in the mail.  I took one pill
then, and 4 hours later another pill.   4:30 this morning I woke up with no pain!
A breakout started this last Tuesday causing such severe pain, it hurt to talk and even eat
or just keep mouth closed. Ecstatic does not even come close to describing my relief.  
Still a pinch, but I'm sure by end of this day, I will be pain free! I purchased 168 tablets
because the reviews were so impressive!   I want to add my positive review with a huge
God Bless You."
Brenda - Irving, TX

Carin' for your Cold Sore is seriously a miracle remedy. My son gets cold sores at
least once a month, they are so bad that they tend to last 2-3 weeks. In other words, he
always has one. I saw this product, Chapstick seems pretty easy to try. He woke up with
the beginning little bubble of a cold sore, so I had him apply the Carin for your Cold Sore,
took him to school. I picked him up after school and , I'm not kidding, it was gone! I have
continued to use it on him when he breaks out and his cold sores last only one day! I am so
grateful that you made this product! It's a life changer!!! Thank you again from a very
happy customer!"
Jennifer - Bozeman, MT

"My canker sores have never gone away so quickly, then stayed away. I love
The Canker
and have been telling everyone I know! :)"
Brandi - Berwick, PA

"I just wanted to let you know that I *love* your product. I order tons from you because
this has been one of the only things that have been able to control my canker sores. My Dr.
has prescribed me tons of prescription drugs, mouthwashes, etc and nothing has been able
to control them like
The Canker Spanker.  I hope you are well on your way to becoming
a zillionare for what you've developed."
Eddie - Tacoma, WA

"Did not think such a little pill could put a stop to recurring problem.  Thanks!!!"
Laurie - Eau Claire, WI

The Canker Spanker worked pretty good. I honestly wasn't expecting it to work at all
but it definitely decreased the amount of canker sores I would get. Definitely worth the
Justin - Port Orange, FL

"Awesome – I will be re-ordering within the next couple of weeks."
Mike - Springfield, PA

"Worked great."
Deanna - Wallingford, CT

"These pills work wonders, while I was taking
The Canker Spanker I did not break out
at all, but now I have 3-4 large sores.  Can I get another shipped out today?"
Tiffany - Alma, AR

"My husband gets canker sores several times a year and sure enough he got one over
Christmas. I pulled out this nice little tin of
The Canker Spanker and he gave it a try. He
said he’s never had anything work so well on a canker sore!"
Songberries Blog - Small Town, UT

"Your product works amazingly. I had the start of a canker sore and took one pill and it
backed off immediately. Doctors always wanted to prescribe antiviral meds but I knew
that the outbreaks preceded my monthly cycles and I could not find a solution. Thank
Kristi - Davenport, IA

"My prescription costs $75 every time I have a canker breakout.  
The Canker
is far less, and works better.  Go figure!"
Mitch - Cody, WY

"I've been using this product to prevent COLD SORES, and it works wonderfully!"
Ben - New York, NY

"It works."
Michael - Walnutport, PA

"I Love
The Canker Spanker because it's small, discreet and IT WORKS!!!"
Marty - Plymouth, OH

"I've had one or two canker breakouts a month, my whole life.  Since using
The Canker Spanker, I haven't had a canker in six months!"  
Lori - Denver, CO

"You have saved me!"
Becky - Portland, MN

"Thank God!  This is it!"
Rod - Pocatello, ID

"I have searched high and low for anything that works for my oral cankers.  Thank you,
my search is over."
Linda - Seattle, WA

"My daughter, 12, has had oral canker breakouts for the longest time.  This was a
wonderful find."
Sue - Roy, UT

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!"
    Nathan - Las Vegas, NV
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is there a perscription for canker sores mouth ulcers
Copyright 2010 The Canker Spanker. All rights reserved.
made into a derivative work without the permission of TCS Natural Products Inc.
TCS Natural Products Inc. Native American owned and operated.
The Canker Spanker© is a unique alternative to topical products for oral cankers and cold sores. It has been shown to reduce overall breakouts irritating an existing sore such as topical remedies.

Remember, if it is painful to apply a canker or cold sore remedy, (even a numbing treatment) it is irritating the sore and prolonging healing. Numbing products are masking the pain while irritating the sore.

TCS Natural Supplements Inc., a Native American Woman Owned business out of Idaho, registered with the Shoshone Bannock Tribes, has developed new natural treatments and preventative measures for those that suffer with mild to severe, oral cankers and cold sores.
The Canker Spanker is a natural pill that aids the body in quickly healing active oral sores and if taken daily helps prevent future canker sore outbreaks. Carin’ for your Cold Sore is a specially formulated effective treatment for cold sores which consistently shows overnight results which can be taken in
conjunction with The Canker Spanker for enhanced results.

These new treatments have shown a consistent +75% improvement in healing time and a +75% decrease in future oral canker and cold sore breakouts.

Our newest product for those who suffer with chronic oral canker sore, The Canker Spanker Severe is a stronger, faster, and more effective.

According to the Mayo Clinic 85% of the public suffer with mild to severe oral canker sores and/or cold sores. These particular sores are often lumped into the same category, however they are vastly different conditions. Please be advised that oral canker sores occur on the inside of the mouth and are
NOT contagious, but painful, annoying, and embarrassing. Canker sores can also negatively affect eating, speaking, and oral herpes virus. Once the herpes virus is contracted, it never goes away. However, it can be minimized with effective treatments such as Carin’ for your Cold Sore. Take extra care
in guarding a cold sore from contacting another individual as it can be easily passed not only mouth to mouth, but also to the genitals. Thoroughly wash hands with soap after touching the cold sore and use separate cups for drinking. NEVER kiss a baby if you have a cold sore, in the most severe cases
the infant has died after contracting the herpes virus from an individual with a cold sore.

TCS Natural Supplements Inc. also carries products to boost metabolism and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

TCS Natural Supplements Inc. is continuously working on new products to improve the daily lives of our customers through the use of all natural ingredients. Our products are NOT tested on animals.

If you are interested in carrying any of the TCS Natural Supplement products, please feel free to contact us.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us.
should i see a doctor about my canker mouth ulcer

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